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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Gardeners' Delight

All of you gardeners will share in my appreciation of an approaching new season. With spring most definitely in the air, I'm getting ready to make the first seed sowings of the year. This is the time I look forward to, as it indicates that a new growing season is approaching. I always plant 3 or 4 different varieties of tomato seeds and as many sweet peas as I have space for in early February. They have to be my favourite flower and their fragrance fill the house when I pick them in mid summer. By March, my indoor windowsills and heated propagators are crammed full of little seedlings, waiting to be potted up and all straining for the light.

I have been making and using these wonderful traditional clay plant labels for years. They are based on those that were used by all serious gardeners in bygone days, before those ugly white plastic labels were available. These are so attractive strewn around the garden or in patio pots or even next to house plants that live in pots. I have left my plant labels out in the frosts throughout several winters and they have all withstood the cold. The great thing about them is that you can write all your details and wash them clean, ready for reuse the following season.



  1. We've just moved and I am looking forward to getting our new garden up and running. Our neighbours have a huge selection of bits and pieces going already.

  2. Lucky you, starting a new garden. I love planning where everything is going to go and getting a collection of plants together. Have fun!