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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Heart (Unless You Are A Vampire)


The Twilight movies and books have proved so popular. Even the knitwear worn by Bella the vampire fan is much sought after. I can't believe how quickly these handknitted Twilight Mittens have disappeared from my shop, so I have relisted them today with new improved photos that really do them justice. With 10% wool and 20% alpaca, they are soft and toasty, and the cuffs go right up the forearms for extra warmth.

There was a heavy frost here in Manchester this morning and February is expected to be just as cold. My daughter has been waiting patiently for weeks for her own pair of mittens to be knitted, but each time I finish an order, another customer wants a pair. Not that I'm complaining. I love knitting, and always have at least two projects on the go at once. I have even been known to knit gloves and socks while sitting by a swimming pool in Greece in wonderful temperatures of 35C!


  1. I must be honest, I'm amazed that people pay so much attention to these little details in films. If I saw someone wearing these, I would have no idea that they'd been in Twilight! Regardless, they're lovely mittens :)

  2. Thanks, Fee. My 12 year old daughter is obsessed with the Twilight books, as are all her peers. I know grown adults who have also followed the books avidly. There's been a bit of a cult thing going on with the Twilight movies lately, hence the popularity of the mittens.

  3. I must admit I have read all the books! I also have a pair of chicita twilight mittens and can verify the soft and toastyness of them :-) NikkiX