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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

One Thing After Another

The gorgeous ceramic Sea Ring is now listed in my Folksy shop, and I just love the ocean hues.Take a look via this link:

There I was, smuggly thinking what a good little, but old, car I have, starting first go after sitting outside in all that snow for days. When I drive to the horse field to feed Sid the Sod I have to travel half a mile along a dirt track with huge pot holes, and more often than not I am pushed for time and tend to drive like a boy racer. So consequently today my car raised objections by making a very unpleasant noise. I managed to drive the 7 miles back home at 10 mph and receiving various gesticulations from irate drivers, and I'm sure they weren't waving because they wanted to make friends! So I now have to face the car mechanics, their sharp intake of breath and ridiculous bill with a suspected exhaust problem. I knew I shouldn't have bought that new camera!

Yesterday was a very constructive crafting day, as I finished off a few clay jewellery pieces which will become earrings, rings and brooches after being glazed. It is so satisfying when I see lumps of clay become pretty items that will eventually be decorating the fingers and ears of happy customers. I also polished the now fired bronzclay pieces and was amazed at the fabulous colour they took on once they were buffed up - rather like antique gold. I also replaced a few of my blurred photos in my Folksy shop with new pics taken with the groovy new camera, but as the daylight was so poor I may have to persevere for perfection!

Finally, I was delighted to feature in fellow Folksy person NiftyKnits blog yesterday. She is the clever woman that creates the cute and humorous knitted meerkat characters. Check out her blog and her Folksy shop with these links.




  1. Oh I love the ocean hues of your ring! Thank you for the mention ;-)

  2. I love your new piece. The colours are beautiful. Hope your car gets better soon :)