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Friday, 1 January 2010

New Day, New Year, New Decade and Almost Aliens

I can't believe a whole decade has gone by since I became a mum. It's just flown and I now have a keen fellow crafter for a daughter. We share our love of beads, ceramics and even writing. Last night we were both watching the fireworks at midnight from the bedroom window when these UFO type objects started silently floating over the house, all heading towards the south (London?) and increasing in numbers over the next half hour. Well, I tried to think of a rational explanation but it was getting late and my brain had switched off for the night, so I calmly assumed that this probably happened every night and that nobody was usually looking skyward to notice the alien invasion! I even waved to them like the pillock that I am - if they were aliens I decided that it would be a good idea to be friendly. After chatting to some sensible people on the Folksy forum, I discovered that they were only Chinese Lanterns. Imagine my disappointment - I was rather hoping that they may stop off and whisk my noisy revelling neighbours away for a prolonged probe, but alas it was not meant to be.

Meanwhile, I have finished a commission for a Folksy jeweller for a pair of toasty mittens as seen on the hands of the vampire fan, Bella, in the Twilight movie, and am receiving orders already. Follow this link for more details.



  1. I think you'll be inundated with requests for these mittens I just googled them and Bella fanatics are fighting each other to get people to make them!! xx

  2. I'm waiting for the rush, with knitting needles at the ready. Those mittens are certainly getting a lot of viewings