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Monday, 1 February 2010

New Shop Now Open

I am absolutely exhausted, what with only 4 hours sleep last night (too much going on in my head with design ideas deciding to pop up at 3.30am), and I've been working on the banner and starting to list a few jewellery items in my new shop on Zibbet.It took me a couple of hours to work out how to adapt my banner for the new shop but I did it in the end. Zibbet is offering crafters up to 25 listings free with no commission fees and is so easy to use. You can upgrade to a Premium account with unlimited listings. If you are planning to do this, please use my link as the company also offer a free Premium account for life if you introduce 7 new Premium users. Here's the link, and I'll be adding more items daily until it is full.

I've also discovered The Handmade Gift Gallery which gives crafters the opportunity to showcase their work, with links to their online shops. Take a look. http://www.thehandmadegiftgallery.com


  1. Hi.

    I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award.

    Please check the details on my blog.

    Elca Designs

    I hope you're pleased!

    Jane x

  2. Thanks Jane. A bit confused about what I should do next though.

  3. hi Amanda
    how is the shop going on Zibbet, i know 6 weeks isn't long, but just wanted to know if you are getting any feedback from buyers / other sellers