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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Still Hot and Straight Out of the Kiln

A close friend sent me a photo of a ceramic bird feeder that she had spotted while in Bruges one morning, in the hope that I could make one for her. By the afternoon I had sent her a photo of my version - The Bird Cafe. So, here it is, straight out of the kiln this morning and still warm. I'm going to glaze it in sage, turquoise and white drips and will show you the finished item in a few days. If you would like to commission one for yourself, leave me a message under this article (£20 plus shipping).

So, guess who's birthday it was yesterday? Well, I may be another year older but...I told I'm only look 40, and I feel like I'm 30, think I'm 20 and have tantrums like I'm 10. So I've got the 5 ages of woman sorted!


  1. Love the bird feeder! It will look great when its glazed, those colours sound stunning. I also love Sid, what a sweetie! I had a grey mare called Emerald for 3 years when I was in my teenage years, but sold her when I started college - horses are so time consuming! It's my dream to get another one day. Shame you didn't get a picture of him in his rug :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Sending lots of blessings your way!!!