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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spots Before The Eyes

I'm so pleased with the spotty ceramic heart shaped ring and matching earrings that I've just finished and listed in the Folksy shop. I thought I'd share them with you and give you a taste of things to come. I have also made some amazing sage, black and white earrings, rings and brooches, but these are still in the finishing off stages and I'm hoping that they'll make it into a friend's new jewellery shop in Afflecks Palace. I'd welcome any comments, constructive, good or bad from you guys, and any suggestions (keep it polite) will be gratefully accepted.

As a postscript to yesterday's blog about my unexpected ride on Sid the Sod, star and old scrote of the horse field, I'm glad to say that not a thing aches in my body today!!


  1. that's very cool. I have been wanting to try something like that but with glass!

  2. They're quite lovely.
    Will you make a range of spotty items, so that each style can be bought as any item, be it earring, brooch or ring?

  3. Pat, I'm hoping to list some of the other colours this weekend in my Folksy shop to include earrings, brooches and rings.

  4. Thanks Nikki. You know where to find them! I've just listed a matching brooch too.