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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Indie Smiles Down On Me

Well, who's been a busy girl then!! Despite the fact that my laptop has insisted on picking up a virus and coughing, sneezing and spluttering it's way through this week, an has had two overnight stays in the private clinic for sick machines, I have managed to get three ...yes, three... articles published in Indiesmiles.

The first article is my biography which helps you to get to know me, as a real and not so virtual human, a little better. Take a look at this piece and you'll see the inner me with the nasty bits taken out!


The second is an informative tutorial on how to organise your own craft fair. This article gives a break down of the various steps needed to be taken, and holds your virtual hand all the way to the point where you count the money raised, do a happy dance and give yourself a hearty pat on the back!


The third article takes a look at some of the shop names on Folksy and how they came about. This is such an interesting read that I plan to do a series of these pieces to find out more about this crafting community.


Please go and read these articles and leave comments beneath them, because there is a comptetion for all the Indiesmiles columnists including little old me, to see who has the most comments at the end of each month. I'm counting on you guys!

While we are on the subject of Indiesmiles, these wonderful people are giving you the opportunity to buy advertising space at $1 a week.



  1. I've read them all and they are very good, lot's of useful info!
    Tracy x

  2. Hi Amanda! I've given you a Sunshine blog award! Tracy x

  3. Ooh, Tracy. Ta very much. What's one of those then?!