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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

It's a Wrap

I've always coveted those pretty wire wrapped rings and never thought I'd be capable of making them. So, I watched some informative You Tube footage on how to go about it and jumped right in.

Well, what a surprise. Usually I try something for the first time, make a pig's ear of it and give up, but even my first attempt was a success. I was now on a roll, and made six gorgeous pieces with the funkiest beads I could find in my ever increasing collection.

I plan to list them in my Folksy and Zibbet shops later this week, so keep checking if you like them too!


  1. I adore these earrings and since I enjoy wire wrapping...I'll need to try to make these!

  2. These are lovely, I haven't tried rings yet but they're on my list of things to do.....eventually :D

  3. Thanks for the comments from some of the Indiesmiles posse. I'm about to join you guys as a columnist!

  4. I've recently had a go at this too, It's great fun! You have to watch where the ends of the wire land though, I made one for my mum and it was a bit jaggy

  5. Cat and Adam, I know what you mean. My fingers were a tad jaggy too by the time I'd finished!

  6. wow, these are lovely :)

    thought you might like to know that your feature is now up on my blog ...


  7. ooo lovely! ill definately have to try this :) x