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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Crafty Old Bird Gets Lesson From Expert

My daughter and I found this old lady wandering aimlessly around our garden looking lost, so we brought her indoors, thawed her out with tea and cake, and decided to teach her a lesson. Daughter, aged 12, got all her beads and jewellery findings out and gave an impromptu lecture on making beaded earrings. Actually, the old lady turned out to be my Mum!

At the age of 88 Doris has never experienced the joys of making bling, and despite the fact that it took her over half an hour to get to grips with this simple technique, she's booked herself in for next week's class on beaded bracelets. God help us!

I suggested to my mother that she may like to have her nose pierced, but she was against that idea. So she's opting for the belly button piercing instead. Only joking ... I think!


  1. belly button piercing!!! priceless!!

  2. You've obviously not met my ma!!

  3. that was fun! I did it the other way around - I taught my 9yr old granddaughter to make jewellery (I'm not 88 though!)
    pam x