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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lightning Strikes

I don't often write about new listings in my Folksy shop, but this brooch needs to be shouted about. I have found a niche market at last with my ceramic jewellery pieces and have even had a few wholesale enquiries from across the pond. I don't mean the pond in my garden that is currently looking like a bubbling geyser due to those love happy frogs having their annual bonk fest! No. I mean the big wide pond to the west of the UK that stretches all the way to Americky.

The glaze always does its own incredible thing when it is fired and this piece was no exception. I used a satin metallic pewter glaze, then flicked some flecks of white over the top. The white glaze blended in parts and stood out and raised in others. The over all effect is of a moody night time electric storm and I love it, and it cried out to be named Lightning Strikes.


  1. I'm not surprised you've had enquiries from America. This is really striking and original..well done!

  2. Thanks Gracie. I've just listed a black and splashed white square brooch on Zibbet. It's even more striking and has a matching ring.

  3. That is an amazing piece! It really does look like a stormy night sky.
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