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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Garden Jewels

This glorious spring weather that we have experienced recently in the UK will have had many of us bursting forth from our winter woollies and out into the wild wasteland of our gardens for the first time in months, beating back the brambles as we attempt to locate the patio furniture. Keen gardener though I am, I have to prioritise the important jobs from those that can wait until tomorrow, so washing up, hoovering and mowing the lawn don't get a look in as I opt for basking on a sun-lounger and knitting up some silk/cotton yarn from my huge stash.

The peace and quiet in the skies is so noticeable without the continual thrum of the planes, and as I live only 3 miles from Manchester Airport that low and constant rumble has been conspicuous by its absence. So, while basking outdoors the lovely cooing sound made by my happy hens is beautiful and all the more audible. These 4 girls are Black Rocks, a cross between Rhode Island Reds and Pembroke Blacks, and they enjoy the sunshine as much as I do. On days like this they make a different kind of noise, a contented vibrating throaty sound, and they spend their day taking dust baths in the dry earth and actually collapse in a heap in the sunshine for an afternoon siesta.

While I was shovelling sweet smelling compost this morning I disturbed a beautiful common garden toad and had the chance to dash into the house, hunt frantically for my camera and capture him for blogsville before he knew what had happened. Garden jewels are there to be admired. I hope you find some too, wherever in the world your green haven is.


  1. I have pairs of blackbirds and robins foraging in my garden right now, I'm loving seeing what is emerging from the ground that I thought lost forever after the big freeze.
    Very handsome chickens you have there,

  2. Today I saw an orange tipped butterfly doing a flirty love dance with a cabbage white. Ain't nature grand!