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Friday, 2 April 2010

Big Deal

I've branched out with my makes and am now making doggy jumpers for dogs - not very sensible considering we are approaching summer, but I'm not a logical kind of girl. I've listed this cute handknitted roll neck dogs' sweater in my Folksy and Zibbet shops.

As I'm among friends here I feel the need to spread the word about Zibbet. A lot of you guys probably haven't heard of this site. It's based in Australia, but works in US dollars, but they have plans to have multiple currency options soon. I have had a shop there since the beginning of February and had only listed 6 items as I was focussing on my Gimme That Thing Folksy shop at the time. Consequently I only had 200 viewings in February, but Holy Moly, in March the viewings shot up to over 1300 without me promoting it at all - more viewings than I get in a month on Folksy with all the promoting I do. Apparently a surge in interest has occurred as many Etsy sellers have transferred their shops to Zibbet bringing their customers with them and raising its profile. It looks like things are just going to get better and better.

So here's the deal. Zibbet started enticing people to open shops with an offer of 500 shops at $6 then $7 a month with no commission to pay. Now the fee is $8 and when those 500 have all gone, the fee rises to $9 and so on. When you sign up, you get a referral link to promote the site and for each referral you get $1 off your monthly fee. So at present you need 8 referrals to have a free shop for life. When you join up you can contact me for help, but I'll be writing to welcome you anyway

If you would like to get yourself a bargain deal on a growing site, here's my referral link for you to use:



  1. Love your doggy jumpers Amanda, better not show my Aunty, she has a thing about buying coats for her dogs (who absolutely hate wearing them!)
    May well have to think about Zibbet :D
    Tracy x

  2. The doggy jumper looks lovely. I've just joined Zibbet and am now going to go and upgrade and actually get some bits listed. Just got to sort out all the postage bits! See you there soon.

  3. Just remember, If you ship world wide... it is always cold someplace! I keep that in mind when I'm listing wool baby hats in the spring. :)

  4. Colleen - good point, and I find I have a greater urge to knit when I'm sitting in the summer sun. Perverse, moi?!

  5. Nice! I added your blog to my list.
    Have a great day!