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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day Trip To Blackpool

My 12 year old daughter is too old to attend the summer play scheme this year so instead she was invited to work as a helper, reaping the benefits of free trips to the cinema, bowling, the museum and the big day out - a day trip to Blackpool. Needless to say it was a dull and dismal day but big fun was had at the Pleasure Beach fun fair. We did all the traditional Blackpool things - ice cream, donkeys, Blackpool rock, chips, fizzy drinks, deck chairs.

My thrill seeking child was on this horrendous fun fair ride that shot up into the air and shot back down again!

Hane 'em high! Poor meerkats!

A tradional Blackpool tram and the famous Blackpool tower lurking on the horizon.

The vast stretch of beach. When the sea goes out you have to walk a long way for a paddle.

Blackpool ain't Blackpool without the donkeys!

Under the board walk. All sorts of naughties used to and probably still go on here late at night, preferably when the tide is out!

Chillin' Chicita!


  1. Oh I love Blackpool its years since I've been as it's so far away. I want to visit when the illuminations are on x

  2. Looks like fun - I've not been to Blackpool for very many years!

  3. Readers, I hated every minute of it. Couldn't find anything to eat that didn't involve sugar or grease. Couldn't find anything to drink except fizzy pop. It was a long, cold and boring day. Despite living quite nearby, (Manchester) this is only the second time I've ever been there. Give me Crosby any day!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day!! I enjoyed reading about it and the great pics!! Glad you and your daughter got out for some fun!! ~xo, Wendy

  5. Ohh I love Donkey! looks like you had fun :)