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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Woozle Revisited

Well, what a first week in the Robins household Dinah formerly known as The Woozle formerly known as Dinah has had. She broke out in eczema last Tuesday as well as sharing her fleas with me, so the little critters were zapped straight away. She decided to go on a nil by mouth diet last Thursday and not a drop of food or liquid passed her lips, despite my best efforts. I offered her different flavours, textures and shapes, but no yummy morsel would tempt her to eat. She was wafer thin and looked as though a gust of wind would blow her into the air.

The fabulous heat wave arrived in Manchester on Friday and the sun enticed her into the garden. Initially she had me attached to a piece of string so I couldn't escape or get lost, or so she thought, but after half an hour I was realised from my bonds and allowed to make earrings while following her around the garden (not an easy thing to do, I can tell you, but said pair of earrings were promptly sold).

But the crash diet continued despite the heat. So, on Saturday night, when I was at my wits end after a very tiring but successful day at a craft fair, I told her to buck up her ideas or else it was back to the cats' home. Well, who ever knew that cats understood every word! Sunday morning found her making up for lost time, and she has been stuffing her cute little face ever since and gaining weight.

It's not all good news though. This morning I felt the biggest lymph nodes in her groin and whisked her off to the vets, to discover that the poor little lamb had extremely inflamed gums and a full set of bad teeth, all of which need to be extracted next week. A shot of antibiotics and one of steroids has boosted her no end, so at least I can understand the super-model diet phase she had adopted.

Despite the discomfort she must be experiencing, she has her own bolt hole, my tee shirt cupboard, where she disappears to when it all gets too much, although she hasn't gone there since her treatment this morning. She is settling in well, knows her way around the garden and loves hissy-spitting at Zebra and Dolphin whenever she gets the chance. Dinah the Woozle is in residence.


  1. It sounds like she's settling in nicely. Poor darling, having all those bad teeth - no wonder she wouldn't eat. I'm sure she'll go from strength to strength now she has a lovely new home.

  2. I hope so. She's pigged out on Felix all day and has actually changed shape!

  3. Poor Dinah but at least she's eating again. I must say she looks very fetching in her daisy chain head band :D

  4. Tracy, she's my garden fairy cat, even though she only ventures out for 10 minutes each day. She is now eating the same amount as my two other cats put together!

  5. Hi Amanda, I have added you to my blog list. Saw your message on the Dreamaid site. Been reading your blog today. I have only just set mine up and so at the moment I am sooo lonely, I have no-one on there. Would love you to add your name. Will come back to read more.
    xxx chris